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Monday through Saturday: 9am-5pm

Mother Earth Sanctuary

Mother Earth Sanctuary  ̶  Laporte, MN

Mother Earth Sanctuary is dedicated to developing and growing sustainable food throughout the Northern Minnesota area. With the desire to live a Green life growing, many people are looking for alternatives to chemical and tilled based food production, or traditional agriculture. Through the use of permaculture sustainable food methods, use of companion crops and natural water sources, Mother Earth Sanctuary is able to supply and teach proper growing techniques and outcomes.

Mother Earth Sanctuary also believes in teaching the art of canning, freezing, salting, drying, and smoking a harvest, using the same techniques once used with past cultures. Not only do we supply a knowledge base for the community, we also offer a safe environment for traditional activities.

Mother Earth Sanctuary – restoring the ecology and balance of Mother Earth.

Blueberries - Mother Earth Sanctuary – Laporte, MN –
Apples - Mother Earth Sanctuary – Laporte, MN –
Green Beans - Mother Earth Sanctuary – Laporte, MN –

“Mother Earth Sanctuary – Bringing You Locally Grown, Chemical Free Produce”

Phone Number: 218-224-2414

Mother Earth Sanctuary

Hours: Monday through Saturday: 9am-5pm

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Address: 23665 Otter Drive, Laporte, MN

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